Finally Got Started

Its been two weeks since I enrolled on the Drawing Skills Level 1 course with OCA. My course materials arrived at the front office of my apartment last Wednesday, which I wasn’t informed about, so didn’t pick them up until Saturday when I tracked my parcel via the UPS site. I spent the weekend reading through the student handbook and then yesterday, changing my learning blog over from Blogger to WordPress. After one last outing to two different art supplies shops today, that included a ten mile bicycle ride, followed by a one hour nap, I finally started on part 1 of the course work.

I spent the two weeks before I enrolled making sure I could buy all the drawing tools and other things needed for the course, travelling round different areas of Bangkok and to several universities with shops that sold cheap art supplies. When downloaded the sample course materials from the site there was a few things I’d never heard of such as nib pens and kneadable rubbers so I had to check if the Thais knew what they were and where I could buy them from.

I’d only ever drawn with sketching pencils before but over the last two weeks I have built up a stock pile of wonderful and sometimes expensive drawing tools so it’s been great to finally put them to paper.


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