Research and Reflection – Books read throughout the course

Georges Seurat Le noeud noir

One of the biggest problems I’ve had here is finding books on the essential reading and recommended further reading list due to lack of great libraries here in Bangkok and not that great selection of English books in the book stores.

Books Bought online and from book stores:

Essential Reading

Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing


The Artists Handbook of Materials and techniques

Further Reading:

This is Modern Art

Berger : Ways of Seeing



Other books I purchased here:

Taschen : Egon Schiele

Taschen : Gistav Klimt


Fiona Peart: Drawing and Painting with Water Soluble Media


Gabriel Campanario : The Urban Sketching Handbook


Bridgman’s : Complete Guide To Drawing From Life



Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy


Free Ebooks Downloaded

Anatomy Drawing for Artists: An Art Lesson on Studying & Drawing Anatomy by Dan Gheno

Georges Seurat, 1859–1891 by Robert L. Herbert



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