Project Gesture : Check and Log

15 - Felt Tip Pens Back Bend in Proportion

How well have you managed to capture the pose? what could be improved.

I think I did really well with capturing the pose throughout the project. However I do think that I could have done better to capture the feeling of the pose. Maybe experimenting with different mediums on different types of paper especially in the ‘Stance’ exercise. could have helped me do this. Since working on these two exercises I discovered ‘Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life’ by George W. Bridgman, which I will be reading and hopefully it will help me get more ‘drama’ into the pose.

Do you think the figures balance, if not where did you go wrong?

All but one of my figures balance and that is the first drawing of the model in tree pose, where I centered the entire model. I then redrew the model looking for areas where the model was balancing.

How did you go about conveying a sense of energy?

I explored a few different ways of conveying a sense of energy, I started by sketching really quickly with a 6B pencil and Conte pencil, focusing on poses that would help me capture the model in ‘action’. In went back to these and added swoosh lines as I wasn’t quite happy with them.

From there I went onto drawing the model in ballpoint pen going over and over the figure with more and more lines,

I experimented drawing moving body parts by hatching from side to side over where the body part should be in a rough blurred shape.

I roughly sketched the figure in a lighter felt tip pen and then went over in a black felt tip pen hoping to convey a sense of energy in that the model would look like she was in motion.

Last but not least I drew very quickly with a ballpoint pen in action poses.