Sketch Book

As the kettle started to boil I thought I would test myself to see if I could start to draw the coffee cup on the table and then finish sketching it after it had been moved and then put back in the same place. But as I began I realised that I had never been successful in drawing the delicate rim of a coffee cup but this time I was armed with a new technique. I lightly sketched the outline of the cup, hatched around the outside and inside the cup then took out the edges of the object with an eraser.
DSC_0169Drawing wood has never been my forte but taking advantage of my position as a teacher in a Thai temple school I sat down to sketch the ideal wooden object to overcome this.

DSC_0170As my Thai students copied the oral test questions off the white board I found the perfect opportunity to practise drawing the head of a Thai child. The boy kept lifting his head up and down to browse the board which just added to the challenge however I will be finishing this off another time as certain features such as balloon lips and the uniquely shaped heads of Thai people are not something that I can finish off from memory. I would like to recreate this drawing again on large paper using colour.



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