Assignment 1 – Reflection on Assessment Criteria

Assignment 1 - Charcoal and Colour Pencil Studies

Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

Throughout this first part of the Drawing 1 course I have continued to use more and more different materials and drawing media often going back to certain drawing materials to develop my skills with them further. I am aware that my skills need to and will continue to develop further.

My observations skills have become more acute from where they were when starting this course. I am now fully visually aware of things that I never took much notice of before such as shadows and reflective light. My ability to depict tone and form has improved and will continue to do so.

I have also learnt that composition studies are an important part of the process and the best way to compose objects to make use of negative space and how objects interact with each other.

Quality of outcome – content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

I have become more aware of how others see my work. I can now walk myself through the ideas that I have and reflect on those looking at aspects to consider that will help me improve on the quality of the outcome of my artwork. I am able to communicate those ideas and describe exactly why those changes are taking place.

Demonstration of creativity – imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

I believe I am continuing to show imagination in the work that I have done in this part of the course so far but it is something I do need to improve on. I am continuing to experiment with drawing techniques and materials that I never thought I would use or previously did not feel comfortable in doing so. As far as invention goes I think that I have shown this using mixed media for the first time and I am continuously thinking about what mediums I can use together and what part each medium will play in my artwork. I feel I have yet to develop a personal voice if this means finding my own style.

Context – reflection, research, and critical thinking (i.e. learning blog)

Since starting this course I am now doing things I never took the chance to do before such as visiting art galleries even though there is not much of a choice of galleries here in Bangkok. I am also trying to make use of various size sketchbooks sketching at any chance I get so I can hopefully develop those ideas later on in this course. I have enjoyed researching the various artists that have been mentioned in the first module of this course, especially drawing in the style of Patrick Caulfield and I feel I can make reference to some of those artists in my work. I have yet to develop critical thinking as I have spent more time critisisng my own work at this stage. The blog as helped me to reflect on my own ideas that will help me to develop my skills in the future.




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