A Street Art Page on Facebook Brought me Here

I was just browsing a street art page on Facebook when I came across a very normal photo of woman in her 40’s titled ’11 Portraits Of Life As A Post-Playboy Bunny’ and out of curiosity followed the link.


It took me to a page with 11 photography portraits by Robyn Twomey who had attended a playboy reunion in Las Vegas. Interested to see how they looked in their later years and what kind of lifestyles they live now I flicked through the photographs. The following photograph jumped out at me.

One bunny, in her home, sits reluctant to be photographed between her son and dog. Robyn Twomley

At first glance I thought the boy behind her was a poster or painting set behind a curtain of a cartoon figure ready to shoot but then I read the caption underneath.

This is definitely a future project for me, to recreate what I thought I saw when I first looked at this photo.


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