Research Point – Rome, Sir Muirhead Bone

Rome - Sir Muirhead Bone Pencil

For this exercise we were given a copy of the pencil drawing ‘Rome’ by Sir Muirhead Bone, a drawing that uses perspective to draw the viewers eye along the street to create a busy street drawing rather than an architectural drawing.

We were instructed to copy a simplified version of the drawing into our sketch books to check the accuracy of the drawing.

Well to do this I realized that on completion of my copied version of his drawing I wouldn’t be checking the accuracy of his drawing but actually the accuracy of my copied version so I did both. I always enjoy producing very rough sketches so I made use of this by producing a very rough reproduction of the original drawing.

Rome - Sir Muirhead Bone - My Version
Rome – Sir Muirhead Bone – My Version

I checked the accuracy of my drawing first and was unable to find any common vanishing points to obviously mine wasn’t that accurate at all.

Rome - Sir Muirhead Bone Pencil
Rome – Sir Muirhead Bone Pencil

On checking the original I discovered that it was very accurate with the baseline of the building, third floor window ledge and roof all sharing the same vanishing point which is probably the reason he is able to bring the viewers attention to the street.


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