The sting at the end of this courses tail – Tutor feedback

Quick Study with Marker Showing through

Looking at other students’ blogs which all had their tutor feedback on them I planned to put my own tutor feedback for my assignments on my blog too. However, I trailed behind other students throughout the course which meant when I submitted my assignments I had to wait my turn in the queue for my tutor to go over everything, and so when I finally got emailed my feedback I was chasing my tail again and didn’t have time to post the tutor feedback on my learning log.

Finally after my second or third assignment submission I asked my tutor if it was necessary to post my tutor feedback to my learning log, to which he replied it wasn’t necessary as he had submitted the reports to the OCA, after all the reports were for me and I had read them thoroughly.

Towards the end of this course I was informed that I was without a tutor due to some reason or other and that the OCA would find me a replacement tutor if I needed one and obviously anyone who is doing a degree needs a tutor, which they found for me, to give me feedback on my final assignment.

The feedback from this replacement tutor was very thorough and far more critical than the pats on the back that I had been receiving in my previous tutor’s reports. Not only was he critical of my assignment and work for the final part of the drawing course but he was also critical of this learning log and informed me that I should put my tutor feedback on my learning log and so the next few posts will be my tutor feedback for all assignments and my thoughts on  that feedback.



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