My Drawing Journey so Far

4 - Walking Women in Oil Pastel

Until I started this course the only drawing I had done in the last 20 years was with a pen or pencil in a notebook before putting my ideas down on canvas with a very crude painting method. Over the last twenty months I have not only learnt different drawing techniques but I have learnt to use many different mediums as well as develop skills and confidence as an artist.

I submitted Assignment 5 today and I have the next  three months to prepare my coursework to send to the U.K. for formal assessment but I don’t think this blog will end here. I have enjoyed working with the different drawing mediums and there are certain mediums I still need to practise with, there also certain exercises that I feel I weren’t that successful and so I plan to have another go at those exercises while I am working my way through the next course Painting 1 : The Practice of Painting and so I expect to be posting more work very soon.


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