Check and Log – Perspective

2 Study of Landscape Using Line 2nd Attempt

What problems did you find in executing perspective drawings?

I thought I would fly through this project as I’ve always been quite good with perspective, having studied design and communication at school but I struggled with the Angular Perspective exercise and did quite a lot of line correction, mostly due to the irregular shape of the temple roof and getting that wrong threw everything out.

Another problem I had was lining the wall up  at the side and to the front of the temple which was like drawing another level at the same perspective.

My biggest problem is trying to get everything perfect rather than trying to keep the right perspective while simplifying the drawings.

Make notes on the merits of using, or not using, rulers to guide you.

I think that using a ruler for me would have to be the final solution for a smaller drawing but maybe a necessity for larger drawings.

For smaller drawings taking your pencil from A to B without wobbling all over the place isn’t that difficult and once you have the basic shape of the subject it can be developed with some correction and modeled to almost perfection.

I feel that using rulers on the other hand for anything other than technical or larger drawings, for me especially, may lead to overworking the drawing and even more correction trying to find the right angles, right lengths etc.


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