Townscapes – Check and Log

Section of School in 3B and Dry Watercolour Pencils

How did you use a limited colour palette to create a sense of depth?

Firstly I chose three colours that I knew would go well together, chocolate brown pastel pencil, Black and Sanguine Conté pencils and a Derwent Chinese white drawing pencil. I used the three colours together to create a sense of depth when drawing the trees then on the buildings, shadows etc. I used the pencils at different pressures to create light and dark tones. The Chinese white helped to relieve the colour if I put too much pressure on on the first attempt. Hatching and cross hatching also helped me to take the colours even deeper.

Did your preliminary sketches give you enough information for your final pieces of work?

Undoubtedly yes, they also helped me to eliminate details that I did not need and simplify more difficult parts of the buildings and scenes for the final pieces.

Would you approach this task differently another time?

It depends on the task at hand, a sketchbook of townscape drawings, no, A limited palette study from your sketches, no but drawing statues definitely yes and hopefully at a different time there will not be obstacles preventing me from getting around my adopted city for Drawing Statues.

Have you got the scale of the buildings right?

Yes, most definitely scale is one thing I am very aware of and I believe that all buildings in the drawings are to scale.

Have you captured the colour and atmosphere in your drawings? How did you do this?

In the pencil sketches I think I captured the atmosphere quite well with use of shadow. As I said in the ‘A sketchbook of townscape drawings exercise’ it was a fresh morning and with the shadows cast from the trees around the temple it reminded of me of a road near my home in Wakefield, for me the sketches still arouse these emotions. However, the limited palette study does not seem to depict the brightness and freshness of the day and I’m left wondering what I could have done differently.


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